Podcast artwork for The Fandom Show

The Fandom Show

"The Matrix (with Ashley Cooper)"

It’s bullet time! This week Ashley Cooper shows how deep the rabbit hole goes as we talk about; The Matrix Trilogy! Plug in to all of the movie's iconic moments, the OG viral marketing campaign, the pleather aesthetic that defined a generation and how trans-ness is programmed into The Matrix’s code. Whoa.

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Women On Screen Out Loud

"Ashley Cooper, Writer and Actor - 'The Only One in the Room'"

Writer Ashley Cooper gives us an inside look into the writing room, frustrations in token hiring, and what it takes to stand up against the higher powers.

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Game Dev With a Shot of Jameson

"Ashley Cooper - Writer on Later Daters, Gotham Knights, and more!"

Today I’m joined by Ashley Cooper – Writer. We discuss her start in television and film, the move into game writing on cool projects like Gotham Knights, and why it’s important to be yourself when networking.